The section where Non-Palletized Systems are located is the order preparation area where the warehouse is the busiest and many personnel are needed. This field is positioned is at the intersection of warehouse-shipping sections. For the person preparing the product for shipment, the product must be located in an accessible system. For this reason, it is important for the employee to have the product accessible and easy to find. Non-Palletized Systems should be designed accordingly.

Who Can Choose Non-Palletized Systems?

These rack systems, which are usually available to for every sector are ideal for high added value products’ shipped from warehouse. Therefore, order preparation shelves offer the most suitable conditions for the user. Today, the increasing variety of products requires the renewal of shelf arrangements in the warehouse. Non-Palletized Systems offer manual workmanship, easy accessibility, and a lot of space in few areas. Often, in cases where the product range is high, Non-Palletized Systems are preferred when the product sizes are different, in conditions where stacking tools are generally not needed during loading and unloading. This system aims to save time by minimizing problems in warehouse organizations.

What are the Benefits of This System?

Non-Palletized Systems which also provide storage in large size products, constitute are an ideal solution for companies from many sectors. This system aims to save time by minimizing problems in warehouse organizations. It can be preferred for companies that stack wholesale products from all sectors, logistics, storage of spare parts, electronic goods, etc. One of the biggest reasons why this system is preferred is that it can be redesigned and expanded. There are 3 types of Boxed Rack Systems.

-Order Preparation Rack System; This system, which is used for storing products in light and medium network, can be preferred in manual operations and warehouses for loading and unloading packaged and boxed products.

-Mezzanine Racking System; For heavy and medium weight products, it is a multi-storey racking system designed to create an extra working space and perform manual order collection by adding special walking corridors, railings, stairs, loading door, etc., provided that the roof height is suitable.

- Non-Palletized Sliding Rack System;

It is a rack system that allows stacked products to slip and reach their place at a certain speed thanks to the sloping surface with its own weight without assistance on roller cassettes placed in modules. This system can be applied to all kinds of racks.

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