To ensure the quality of the products bearing our brand at each step from production and supply to the presentation to the end – user.

To create a long term and permanent relation with all our customers, who are introduced with and become the users of our brands, with the quality service we provide during and after the sales

To accomplish maximum customer satisfaction by ensuring our national and international customers to be proud of the strength and the quality of our brands.

To support innovative and creative ideas and enhance constantly the reputability and the quality of our brands.

To manage and to continuously improve all our processes with the awareness of self – improving organization and with the participation of our customers.

To ensure out high – standard goals set out in the most appropriate time period and at the most appropriate cost and quality by employing up – to – date technologies in all our processes and applications and constantly improving our employees.

To comply with the quality standards perceived and appreciated by our customers in each field of business we operate.

In respect of our investments and operations; to act in accordance with the requirements of the principle of Social Responsibility and to aim also at social benefit while accomplishing the earnings of all our stakeholders.