Pallet Flow Racks

The working principle of the pallet flow rack is based on FIFO (first in firts out) principle. Pallets gently glide on roller conveyors on the principle of gravity from loading (feeding) side to unloading (discharge) side.

The rollers are placed on cassettes generally with a slope of 4%.

Loading and unloading is carried out from different sides of the rack.

As FIFO principle is applied, inventory control of perishable goods or products with short can be done easily.

The only limitation of the depth, height and width of palet flow rack is the size of warehouse and the lifting height of palet handling machine.


  • 100% FIFO (First In First Out) principle application
  • High using rate of available warehouse space
  • Speed of order picking (good to man)
  • Easy inventory control



Why Choose Palletized Racking Systems?

Palletized Racking System, one of the most preferred rack systems is used for storing different types of stacked products. Palletized Racking System can be preferred for storing large size products.

How to Design a Palletized Racking System?

Rack assembly is created according to the dimensions and shapes of the products. It can be used in many industrial sectors. With Palletized Racking Systems heavy and light product can be placed on the same racks. It provides an advantage in terms of surface use in large and large warehouses.

It also provides convenience to access the product for forklifts and other handling machines in the aisles formed between the racks. Forklifts are used more efficiently in large areas as they move pallets by lifting them from their long edges. This increases the lifting height compared to conventional pallet racks.

What Are The Types Of Palletized Racking System?

Palletized Racking System comply with the FİFO operating principle with rack height, depth of racks and flexibility. There are many rack systems under the name of Palletized Racking System.

-Conventional Pallet Racking

-Drive-In Racking System

-Pallet Flow Racks

-Rack Clad Buildings

-Narrow Aisle Racking System

-Push Back Racking System

What Are the Benefits of This System?

These rack systems are preferred by calculating the locations, area volume, height, type of products to be stacked, dimensions of the warehouses. Projects are designed in accordance with the customer’s needs and the potentialities of the warehouse. Rack systems are extremely important for storing, entry and exit of the products and creating a systematic working environment. Advantages of Palletized Racking System.

- A regular warehouse with rack systems used

- Cost-saving use of storage space

- Proper inventory checks of products

- Creation of large inventory areas

- Minimizing manual work with the layout of the material placement.

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